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Q: What is Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic Zirconia (or CZ) is zirconium oxide (ZrO2 ), is widely synthesized for use as a diamond simulant and it is a lab made created stone with a specific gravity of between 5.6-6.00 and at about 8.5 hardness on Mohs scale, which is harder than most natural gems. Its refractive index is high at 2.15 - 2.18 (B-G interval) and its luster is very good. Its dispersion is very high at 0.058 - 0.066, exceeding that of diamond (0.044).

Q: Cubic Zirconia (CZ) vs. Natural Diamond

Cubic zirconia (CZ) is so optically close to diamond that only a trained eye can easily differentiate the two. There are a few key features of CZ which distinguish it from diamond, some observable only under the microscope or loupe. For example:

Dispersion: With a dispersive power greater than diamond (0.066 vs. 0.044) the more prismatic fire of CZ can be seen by even an untrained eye.

Hardness: CZ has an 8.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale vs. a rating of 10 for diamonds. Meaning CZ can only be scratched by sapphires or diamonds.

Specific gravity: CZs are heavyweights in comparison to diamonds; a CZ will weigh about 1.7 times more than a diamond of equivalent size. Obviously, this difference is only useful when examining loose stones.

Flaws: Contemporary production of cubic zirconia is virtually flawless. Whereas most diamonds have some sort of defect, be it a feather, included crystal, or perhaps a remnant of an original crystal face (e.g. trigons).

Q: What is Synthetic Stones?

Synthetic gemstones are grown in a laboratory instead of being formed in the ground by nature. They are physically and chemically identical to natural-grown gems but cost much less to produce and to buy.

Just like natural gems, synthetics vary tremendously in quality and it takes several months to create a batch of gems.

Q: What is Crystal Glass Gemstones?

Crystal Glass Gemstones are another type of imitation Gemstones.  Glass gemstone closely resembles genuine stones like emerald,peridot, riby, sapphire, aquamarine, tourmaline, ect... Because it is singly refractive this stone boasts consistent color throughout.

It also has good refractive index yielding eye catching sparkle and jewelry grade durability for superior productivity and wearability.

It is available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. It is ligher than Cubic Zirconia and lot cheaper than cubic zirconia of the same size.

Q: What is Synthetic Corundum?

Synthetic corundum is an inexpensive Ruby and Sapphire substitute.

Corundum is relatively hard, 9 on the Mohs scale—After the diamond and the Mossanite.

They have the same same aluminum Oxide composition and crystal structure as natural  rubies and sapphires. But better physical apperance than natural ones. As a result, many consumers now gladly purchase synthetic stones because they receive a more attractive product  at a price that they can offer.

Q: What is Nano Gemstones?

Nanogems has many unique advantages as a nano-tech material.

The material shows uniform color and is barely color zoning.

Excellent heat resistant ability, the color appearance remains under high temperature setting process.

Nanogems is ductile and harder to be damaged during setting process than cubic zirconia.

Q:How to order your product ?

Please contact with our sales , we will provide quotation according to your required stone .After confirmed price , P/I will be sent to state shipping way , payment term and shipping time .Once confirmed P/I , you have to arrange payment and send bank reception to sales .As soon as we received payment, order will be arranged and shipping . After 3 days goods transshipped from Hong Kong , we will send you tracking number .5-7 workdays package will arrived at you place .With this , deal close .

Q: How much is custom clearance fee ? And tax ?

Files required for import and tariff , please contact with your local customs.

Q: Do you accept OEM service ?

Yes ,OEM service are welcomed .

Q: What quality do you have ? How do you differentiates it ?

We have A, AA, AAA, high quality & 8 hearts and 8 arrows (star cut). AAA is most hot sale ,A is lowest .

We differentiates them from material ,color , brightness ,cut ,roundness ,side bearings and so on .

Q: Product for fire proof ?

White cubic zirconia temperature resistance 1200-1500 degree, colored cubic zirconia only 600-700 degree , Nano gemstone ,synthetic spinel and synthetic ruby above 1800 degree .

Q: How to clean the stone ?

Soak with sulfur or alcohol ,few hours later wash with later ,dry it .If needed , use alcohol to wipe again .

Q: IS there any discount for bulk order ?

Yes , we offer discount according to you final quantity .

Q:Why special colors so expensive ?

The main reason is material formula different. The cost is higher and special color material has small block .

Q: Why your price is higher than other supplier

We have a very strict control on quality with 15 process from select material to final quality checking .

If you want cheaper price , we can offer you lower price gemstone too.

Q: Can I get free sample without freight ?

We are honored to offer you samples.But the buyer should pay for freight .

Q: What’s your MOQ?

We have MOQ from 1 pcs -1000pcs according to different product .Please contact with customer service for detail .

Q:How is shipping time ?

For stock gemstone , ship within 3 days , some can be shipped the day ; customized and irregular gemstone ,production time 12-15 days .

Q: How to ship goods ?

We usually ship by DHL , for Russia and Ukraine EMS , South America FedEx .In the case of warehouse out of capacity ,we suggest China DHL .China post is also accepted or according to your requirement.

Q: What’s your payment term ?

For small amount ,we suggest paypal , 1000-2000 US$ ,western union , 2000 US$ and above T/T , we offer Hong Kong bank private and company account .


Our prices are normally FOB Wuzhou prices. If you have any special demands, just let us know before the quotation.

Please allow little color difference due to light environment.

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